Individual Behavior And Impact On Society

No one can dissent from the fact that every individual more or less influences the daily state of society and the direction of its development. Have you ever wondered what society was like before your lifetime and in what ways individual behavior has transformed it in the past few centuries? Society is something that entirely revolves around the lives of human beings and this is the reason why the relationship between the individual and society has formed the major basis of sociological principles.

What Experts Have To Say?

According to George Ritzer’s integration model in Sociology, there are elementally four distinct components of the society namely,

  • Macro objective component
  • Micro objective component
  • Macro subjective component; and
  • Micro subjective component

What the theory says is that all the four components are distinct as well as interdependent and influence the society significantly. This emphasizes the fact that individuals can change cultural norms and society according to their behavior. What Ann Swindler’s ideologies depict is that certain dogmas are a major determining factor for body modification and influencing empowerment in the society. Body modification here refers to the transformation that the external surrounding experiences and western culture in the past few years is greatly being influenced by body modifications.